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В последней серии Геральт сказал Лютику: “If life could give me one blessing, it would be to take you off my hands”.

Что, если Лютик захотел бы ответить ему? Он не стал говорить ничего в тот раз на горе, но тем не менее — ответ узнал бы весь мир. В песне, которую Лютик написал.
Замечательному человеку, который исправил все мои грамматические и лексические неточности.
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Пожалуйста, если вы хотите увидеть стихотворный перевод, то жмакайте на просьбу о продолжении.
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‘If life could give me one blessing,’ Geralt said, ‘It would be to take you off my hands.’ You asked your life for blessing just for once, And fate to take me off your hands forever. There might have never been a better chance To prove your pleasure is the only thing that matter. You yelled at me so loud. My heart sunk. With such a striking sound that I still wonder, Was it your hidden wish to see me down? You meant no harm or turned from friend to counter? Do you remember tears in my eyes, Or were you drunk anew with wild anger? This time at least, I’m trying to be wise. I'll hold no grudge against your feral temper. What shall I tell you now, what words to find? See you around, don’t judge yourself too much? It seems the two of us would never coincide. And there's no point in future tries to keep in touch. I free you from myself if you sincerely ask. But at the top of lungs I hide my painful silence. If that is what you dreamed about, I'm leaving fast, And I forgive your fearful, unfounded violence.

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