Should Never Happen

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It is from my Imaganiton what could happen at the end of Episode 24, what if something happened between Ceren and Nedim that night? What will happen next?
This is NedCer story
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this my first time writting in this platform, I hope you read my work, English is not my first language but unfortunately I don't write only in English
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Chapter 21

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Warning Guys, this chapter is hardcore parenting and newborn problems not, the fluffy, pinky dreamy one, a realistic one, with real problems and difficulties; I had to watch newborns, babies, routines videos, so I can know what I am writing, issues and challenges made huge development in Nedim and Ceren relationship, so bear with me guys, and if not is not your cup of tea, please don't tell me I didn't warn you all, AND they are finally living together enjoy, this chapter will be from 3 character point of view, So Enjoy
Love is not a word Or a thought.
It is the name for An action.
That breathes from its light.
What do you DO
In Love's name?
And is it only done Outside In the light?
Or with an inner Flame
Illuminating Love's TRUE Name?
I want to know.
Are your actions Done by remote Or with
And when you say
You love someone,
Does a light go off
Inside at all?
What have YOU Done In the Name of LOVE?
I want to know.
― Suzy Kassem,
Ceren POV The shift was challenging with a newborn baby, but Nedim made it easy; he took care of everything; Ceren and her mother occupied one room, the other one by her grandmother and Cemre when she comes after 4 days, the house was packed, with nagging women and a fussy baby, that cried most of the time, they say you and your luck, to have one of those golden babies, who sleep the whole night that rarely cries. However, her Kadar was crying and fussy, a light sleeper who will wake up for any slight sound. Yet, surprisingly whenever Nedim took her in his arms, she will sleep immediately; her daughter already picked up aside, she was her daddy's little girl, and that really annoyed her and made her an easy target for Nedim teasing. One night she didn't stop crying, and Ceren started to cry with her; then Nedim comes up with the idea that he read about, skin to skin cuddles. It says that skin to skin contact makes the newborns more relaxed and happy, so Nedim took his shirt off, and they striped Kadar entirely only with nappy; he put her in his bare chest and covered them with a blanket, magically as she touched his skin, her crying stopped. She drifts slowly to sleep; Nedim kept walking with her from side to side, humming a lullaby to her, Ceren was relieved and kept looking at them and adjusting the blanket from time to time, and all of that was observed by her mom and grandmother. Nedim was a natural father, good with the baby even better than her; he learned very fast how to change her diapers, feed her, soothe her, and also bath her by himself that she couldn't do without her mother's help. Thanks to God and Nedim for bringing her mother; she was a big help. Because of her, she could sleep sometimes and take hot relaxing showers; when her mother took care of her baby, even her grandmother helped too. Still, her Grandmother didn't stop the ridiculous comment about her and Nedim; in the end, it resulted in a big fight between them. Good that Nedim was at work; she told her to shut up and don't say any stupid or necessary comment or take her things and go back home. Her grandmother stopped but started to comment about Ceren's capabilities of being a mother, and she should let her mother do it; after all, she raised three children by herself. Another Issue was that Ceren felt ugly and unattractive; she looked at herself as a milking cow; she was Breastfeeding, she decided that from the begging, it's more beneficial for both mother and baby, but it was exhausting; here breast hurt and nipples too If she weren't feeding her she would be bumping the milk. Regardless, Cerne was happy that her baby girl was healthy and perfect; some nights; she will just stay staring at her daughter and kissing every part of her, her 20 fingers that she count every night, button nose that she adored, and chubby cheeks that Nedim say that he was going to eat. She would sing to her, holding her to her chest, not willing to put her down, the feeling of her daughter snuggled to her chest, and her sweet smell worms her heart; her mother warned her if they keep holding her all the time, she will get used to it, and it will be hard to put her down. Still, Ceren didn't care, not even Nedim he would come from work and scope Kader in his arms, and kisses her unstopping, until Ceren argus with him that his kisses cause a rash to her skin, but he doesn't listen to her saying that his baby is too delicious and he can't stop kissing her. Ceren was happy that Nedim was her baby's father and can't imagine someone else in his place. Ceren was happy that Nedim was her baby's father and can't imagine someone else in his place. --------------- Nedim POV The house was a mess; Ceren wasn't kidding; his luxury Cando was turned into a baby nest, baby stuff in every corner, even with Aunt Share and Numina (surprisingly) helping to clean up the place. Still, you will find a Pacific under the cochin. But he didn't mind it at all; he loved it, the noise and the crowd made the place alive. Nedim has been alone for a long time, he thought he would get used to being alone, and maybe he will regret having all the Yalmaz at his house. But on the contrary, he was joyful, it has been three days since they invaded his home, but he appreciated the moments he spent with them; he cooked dinner for them. Aunt Seher helped him sometimes, his relationship with her improved, she was very kind to him, Nedim the ladies man, as Ceren committed one time, he can't help it if he's a charming guy. Even his daughter loved him more, and that pissed Ceren so much. But he loved every moment he spends it with Ceren and Kader, some night he just will snake at night to the living room only to watch the mother and daughter duo and taking pictures of them; he and Ceren were obsessed with taking pictures of her with every move she makes, he even will call Ceren from work asking her what Kader was doing and ask Ceren to send him photos or videos of Kader. Nedim adored his baby girl so much. He waited patiently every day at work to go back home and take her in his arms. They made a schedule for Kadar; in the morning, Aunt Seher took care of her so Ceren could sleep. And after he came back from work, it was his turn, and at night it was Ceren; it was a good schedule for now, but after two weeks when Aunt Seher will go, it will be both of them only. 'How bad it can be?' he thought he could handle it. But he was not sure about Ceren; she was already a ball of nerves, getting angry, emotional, and sensitive at the smallest things; he thinks it is maybe due to her lack of sleep, one night she even cried when Kader didn't stop crying, it was funny the mother and the daughter crying, he wanted to laugh at it, but he was wise not to. Teasing Ceren was his favorite thing to do, especially about Kader loving him more, and she sleeps peacefully in his arms. She even smiled at him, which irritated her so much and made her grampy; Ceren was jealous of him, once she even said that she was the one who cared for her for nine months, and in the end, he takes all the credits. He teased her for it for days, and last night he went so far with his teasing that ended with Ceren in tears. Flashback He woke up in the middle of the night thirsty, as he was out of the room he heard the baby crying, Ceren was in the living room with Kader on her chest, she was shaking her slowly, but Kader was still crying, she looked so tired and tensed, when she saw him, she gave him a look saying 'please help me,' Nedim smiled to her and approached them. "Give her to me," he took her and put her head on his shoulder, and started to shake gently; she was fussy initially, but then it melted down, and soon she was sleeping. "How can you do that? She sleeps immediately in your arms." Ceren sat on the sofa. "Because she loves me more." "She loves me too. I am her mother." "Yeah, but she feels safe with me," Nedim said jokingly; as he lay Kader in her bassinet, he came and sat beside her, Ceren's face clouded, and her lips trembled as she replied to him. "Because I am not a good mother is in it ?, this way she doesn't love me, babies can felt it" her tears fall on her Cheeks, Nedim immediately regretted what he said, "Hey, I didn't say that, come on. Don't cry; I was just teasing you." "You don't tease about that Nedim." "Okay, I am sorry, I won't tease you again," his hands were on her arms, soothing her, looking at her trying to hold his grin; it was too fun to see her like that. "You are not even series!" she cried. "I am, " he looked directly into her eyes. "You are a great mother, and she loves you, don't ever think that you are not, even if an asshole like me teases you." "Yeah, you are an asshole, "he chuckled. "Do you want Ice Cream ?" it was their thing; whenever Ceren got upset, they would have; he moved to the kitchen, opening the Frazer. "Which flavor do you have?" she came behind him; he took two Ice Cream Tubes out and held them in front of her. "Salted caramel or Cheesecake?" "Salted caramel," she took it from his hand, he gave her a spoon, and they started to eat saliently. After a while "I think I should go to sleep, "she gave him the Ice cream and took the spoons to wish them. "Me too," he put the two tup in the Frazer. "You have something in your face." "Where ?" he wiped his face. "Let me," and she flicks the bridge of his nose. "Ouch, that's hurt." Nedim yield "This is for making me cry." she took Kader from the bassinet. "I apologized...I will get you for that," Niedm said after her as she headed to her room direction. Ceren stopped and turned her head in his direction. "Try," with a Challenge look in her eyes and a wicked smile. And she swings her hips and continues to walk, giving him a good view of her perfect ass; he bit his lips with a smile as his eyes never left her. "Fuck" he mumbled happily. End of flashback When Cemer came, things had shifted south; the atmosphere had changed; there was tension in the air. Even the sisters were behaving kindly to each other. However, you still can cut the tension between them with a knife whenever Nedim was around; Ceren will be very quiet around them or will excuse herself out of the room when every Nedim and Cemer engaged in conversions or enjoying each other company like old friends, it didn't go unnoticed by the members of the house, but no one commented or said anything. Nedim felt torn apart between the two sisters, his old feeling for Cemre that started to ignite with her being here in front of him with all of her beauty and grace. And Ceren pulling away from him, even when they are in the same room, he still feels her distance, making him itching for her closeness and warmth. He wanted some kind of reaction from her; it wasn't because of the masculine ego or pride; it was because he wanted to put his heart at ease, Ceren was avoiding him as much as she can, not even looking into his eyes directly when he addresses her, and it was so absurd because there was no much space for her to hide from him. Still, she was successful, and he felt neglected. He started to regret his decision to bring them all here, and it began when Cemre arrived; she was just going to stay for 4 or 5 days, maybe things will go back to normal after that. Only one time, he got Ceren for himself; he came back very early, feeling tired. He entered his room to change his cloth; he didn't hear the sound of water from his bathroom; as he was taking his shirt off, the bathroom door opened. A half-naked Ceren emerged out, with the smallest, tiny towel he has ever seen, covering her middle body, showing her longe tuned legs, half-covered creamy breast- that has swollen more in size due her pregnancy and breastfeeding - and tuned arms, she was dumbfounded in her place when she saw him standing without his shirt. His eyes roamed on her body, not leaving an inch of her, he couldn't lie as the blood rushed to his face and other origins, that she was a beauty, no a Goddess, he had to keep himself in control resisting the itch to touch her, and smell her because he was missing her scent so much. his thought was cut-off when she spoke "Sorry, I had to use your bathroom, the other one was occupied, and I didn't know that you will come that early," Nedim just shook his head; he couldn't say anything; he did not trust his voice. He felt drains in his throat, his heartbeats raised, his eyes were still on her, he could sense her uncomfortable under his parsing gaze, there was a blush spreading from her neck to her cheeks, as the water drops going down her sawn neck to her fully bosoms, making him want to lick very droop going down her throat, to know how it would taste?. "I ... I forgot my towel, so I took one of yours." "It's ok, you can use whatever you want" his voice hoarseness more than it should be, but it had in effect on her, made her shudder, and her face becomes rad; any blind man could feel the sexual tension in the room as the heat increased despite the snowy weather outside. Then she moved in the door's direction, taking her clothes with her that were on the bed, that he just noticed now, he was on her way. Still, he didn't dare to move, not trusting any of his limbs doing something he will regret for a long time, so she had to squeeze herself and walker by his side, making sure not to touch him; as she passed him, his nose nourished with her Rosey senet, he closed his eyes, as the door closed, trying to regain his balance and beating heart. -------- Cemre POV When she came, she noticed many things that astonished her, and she wasn't ready for all these facts, which led her to her conclusion. When her mother called her that she found her sister and had a baby, she was shocked, but when she knew who the father was, that stunned her to the core, then her mother told her Nedim and Ceren story, she was right in her doubt, she knew deep down that Nedim was the reason for her sister had run away. When Nedim came and took her from the Airport, she did confront him with her doubt and knowledge. She gave him a piece of her mind like her mother did, she was furious at what he did to her sister and family keeping her away from them and making her family go throw all that torture, but he apologized and explained himself with most observed reasons. However, she forgave him as fast as he started to apologize; she still had a soft spot for him in her heart; they become again on good terms. When she saw her sister, she saw the change in her, not just her appearance; Ceren looked older and wiser; Ceren took her into her arms and cried; all their differences had melted on that monument, all of their good childhood memories came back. When she took her niece in her are arms, she immediately fell in love with her; she wanted to hold her most of the time, even took her mother place of taking care of Kader; her feelings were different for Kader than her sister first baby, even when it's really Nedim's baby, she didn't feel any kind of jealousy, she felt overprotective of the little creature, maybe because she no longer has any feelings for him. She was madly and desperately in love with Cenk, and knowing that there was no chance for their love to work increased her feeling for him; she thought when everything had finished between them, she was going to get over him, she even tried to date other guys, but that didn't work on the contrary it made it worse. And she was desperate and hopeless, but she wasn't the only one she could see that in her sister for Nedim, even with every attempt trying to hide her feelings and avoiding Nedim, she could sense it, Ceren was tormenting herself with her actions, and tormenting Nedim with her, every action she did, it was affecting him. In the first two days she arrived, Nedim gave her so much attention, he even would have breakfast with her before he goes to work, one morning Ceren came out of the room to give her mother Kader's Milk that she just pumped and saw them, eating breakfast together, she stood there looking at the stunned and hurt, she retreated back to her room without saying anything, Nedim face was another story he was like caught red-handed, there were regret and shame in his eyes. After this incident, Ceren was cold toward Nedim. Most stupidly way, he was trying to get her attention, making her jealous of Cemre, when it was in the first place that made her retreat! It made her be far away from him; he was waiting for some reaction from her, but Ceren was resisting; it was so funny watching them acting like a teenager, not as Adults with a child. But what shocked her more, her mother and grandmother were aware of what was happening. They did not interfere, as her grandmother said it was more fun than a romantic soap opera, let them get burned with love flames; Her mother had another opinion on the subject, no one should interfere between them, so they can make sure of their feelings and make the right decision for them and their daughter without anyone influence or pressure, her mother even had discussions with Ceren separately of taking her and Kader back with her, but Ceren refused and said that she chose to stay here. Nedim is here with her, so no need for her mother to be worried, and Nedim will be here for a long time for his project than; her mother asked her what she will do after the project finish, and Nedim goes back, Ceren said when that time comes then, she will think about it or make her come to live with her. And when her mother opened the subject with Nedim that she was thinking of taking Ceren and their baby with her, Nedim objected and promised Seher that he would take care of them even after the project finishes; he will not leave them alone in any condition. Cemre didn't know that her mother was a matchmaker, so she also kept quiet and watched them play, where the performance does not know their true feelings. But Cemre wanted to make sure of her relationship with Ceren and the misunderstanding between them before she went back to Istanbul. Ceren was in her room, feeding her daughter; Cemre was standing on the door, looking at her with a smile on her face; Ceren raised her head, saw her elder sister and smiled. "I didn't know that breastfeeding was painful and depressing. Is it only me? Or I am exaggerating" Cemre came inside and sat on the bed with her. "It's ok. Most breastfeeding mothers have the same feeling, so don't make a big deal of it" Cemre was brushing Kader's head as she was suckling her mother's breast. "So how is the life of freedom?' "It's good, especially after moving in my own apartment, no one to control, and you are in charge of your own life." "Yeah, I know the feeling." "Ceren, I want to talk to you." "We are talking, sister," Ceren smirked. "Ceren, I am sorry that I wasn't with you when you needed me the most." Cemre Voice has changed "It wasn't like I gave you a chance, Abla," Ceren replied "I didn't stand by you or tried to understand you; I knew why you had to marry. Nedim" her eyes started to fill with tears. "How did you know?" there was trembling in Ceren's voice. "Seniz called me and showed me the video on a Cinema screen; she called me after the Agah had a heart attack; she threatened me that she would expose it because you have sent the soundtrack .." "But I did not send it." Ceren tears fall down "I know dear, I heard the fight between Cenk and Nedim, after coming back from meeting her, I heard and had another shook that Cenk was the father of the baby that destroyed me, even. Nedim knew and used it for his own purpose, all of them were liars, and I was the fool one; I couldn't trust anyone after that," Cerem wipes her sister's tears. "Cemre I was too, for my greed and lust for money I did, horrible things." "Yes, and you got your punishment when you lost your first baby Ceren, that wasn't enough? It was more than enough; a mother losing her child is like losing her soul; maybe I am not a mother, but I remember what you went through. It's haunted me till the day, that I didn't stand with you, but with them who used you, thinking you are the only evil one, I never tried to understand you and didn't want to just wanted to make a copy of me. An innocent, good, and foolish like me, levelling in my own Utopia, thinking that how is the world work, but I was wrong there is no perfection, not even me, and I failed as a sister and stood with people who hurt you the most and hurt me"Cemre was crying now. "What made you change your perspective ?" " You, after what had happened, I start to connect the dots, and understood that you weren't only a criminal you are a victim too, you were like a caged animal, now I knew why did you behave in that way, Cenk and Seniz where the reason of killing off your innocent baby, and that bitch didn't even regret it and Cenk..." Cemre dried her tears. "You love him." "........" "Nedim told me that you rejected him because you are in love with Cenk." "This was the biggest mistake that I did; if I know he was the father of your child, I would never marry him." "But you didn't, and no one did, and even he would never do.' "You were in love with him, and I broke your heart with what I did," Cemre said "I wasn't in love with him, I was in love with the thought of him, I could have run away with him, but I didn't, and because he was the first man I was with and he didn't want me, it made me chase him more, but he is not that bad, even Nedim had forgiven him, you could too, he love you so much." "I can't, Ceren; there are things that can't be fixed. Did you forgive him ?" Cemre asked "I can't, and I don't think I will ever." "Does Mom and Civan know about the video?" Ceren asked "No, one knows only Cenk, I confronted him about it, and he was shocked by his mother's schemes and gams; he didn't know about the Video she made." "She deserved what has happened to her." "Yeah, she pure evil." " Stop blaming yourself; what happened just happened, we can't change the past, but we can open a new page, RIGHT Abla?"Ceren said "Yes, of course, love, "they hugged. "You should give him another chance, at least for yourself. You deserve it." "It will not work, Ceren; the damage was deep." "What about Nedim? He is still in love with you", Ceren said, avoiding her sister's eyes; Cemre looked at her for a while then smiled. "He is not. I am sure of it; it is just that I have a special part in his heart; he loves me but not in love with ME" Ceren immediately look at her sister. 'How do you know that?" Cemre smile widened "Because he is.....", the door opened, her grandmother comes Cemre come, and help your mother I am tired of arguing with her" "Ok, I am coming. "Cemre kissed Ceren's head and want out; Ceren kept repeating what her sister just said to her. 'Was she right about Nedim?' To be continued.....
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